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Perfectcare Aeration
At Perfect Care Aeration we have invested in the highest quality of aertion and core processing equipment.  This equipment is the same used at world renowned golf courses, such as Pebble Beach.  

Perfect Care has extensive experience in landscape maintenance and aerating.  Here an example of some of the properties we currently provide aeraio serces for:
  • ​Riverway Sports Park-Visalia
                 19 acres soccer fields
                 12 acres comon areas
  • Delano Golf Course
  • City ofVisalia Parks-Whitendale, Jefferson, etc.
  • Plaza Park Softball fields
Why aerate?

Over time turf can become compacted from human activity and mowing.  Any type of use, such as sports activities, can cause compaction which reduces th pore space within the soil, so air, nutrients and water cannot enter the turf roots.  Grass roots require oxygen, and need to soak up the necessary minerals and water to stay healthy.
View the quality Toro equipment to aerate and core process!