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What is water auditing?
Perfectcare Landscape & Maintenance Water Auditing
Let Perfect Care conduct a Water Audit, allowing you to make irrigation changes if needed in order to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system.
Irrigation Auditing is a series of tests performed on an irrigation system. It searches for any defects the system may have. Our certified auditor can then use the information from the audit to develop. This will improve the the water usage by making adjustments to the water schedule, changing the sprinkler heads, etc.  

Here's an example: You notice an area of turf getting dry and turning brown. What do you do? Most landscape maintenance companies would go to the controller and simply increase the water time, which results in the other areas flooding and water run off, thus wasting water and increasing your water bill. Our certified technitions will conduct the audit and correct the problem by making the necessary adjustments, like adding a sprinkler, adjusting the system, changing out the sprinkler heads, etc.

A water audit by out certified technicians saves the environment and reduces the impact on your budget.
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